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How do you know that you are doing everything you can to keep your people safe and efficient?  At Advanced, we believe that a well trained operator is a safe one.  Our custom tailored instruction is designed to meet the needs of your specific industry ensuring that you get the most out of the training you attend.  Please join us at our state-of-the-art training center located in Irvine, California or at your facility with hands on instruction performed by one of our expert trainers.

Looking for best-in-class training but can’t seem to find the time?  Consider Advanced virtual training.  Our online courses provide a similar experience with the added convenience that comes from a virtual setting.

We are proud to offer comprehensive crane and rigging training and are excited to share our passion for safety with you.


Crane Operator & Rigging 101 Training Class

$150.00 Per Person (Class Size (Min/Max): 8 / 20) Crane 

8 Hours (1 Day)


Crane Operator Course Description

Upon completion, the students will be able to demonstrate working knowledge of the following topics:

  • Types of Cranes and Identification
  • Crane Designs and CMAA Service Class
  • Identification of Crane Components Conduct of Crane Operators, Communications and Hand Signals
  • Inspection Criteria; Daily, Frequent and Periodic Inspection Requirements
  • Shock Loading, Side Loading, Load Swing, Spotting a Load, Critical Engineered Lifts
  • How to properly suspend, handle, up-end and land a load
  • Testing Requirements
  • Rules for Maintenance


Rigging Training Course Description

  • Definitions: Review basic rigging terms and applications
  • Sling Types: Wire rope, alloy chain, synthetic web and round slings Sling
  • Types Cont’d: Advantages, disadvantages and removal criteria for each
  • Hardware Types: Shackles, hooks, eyebolts, swivel hoist rings and turnbuckles
  • Hardware Types Cont’d: Advantages, disadvantages and removal criteria for each
  • Center of Gravity and How to Handle a Load: Additional effects on a suspended load
  • Taglines: Effects on the load, safety practices
  • Hitch Types: Vertical, choke and basket
  • Load Angle Factors: Sling tension and how to choose the right sling for the load capacity


*Advanced Training Classes can be performed at our training facility located in Irvine, California or on-site at your facility. It is our promise that every student who participates in an Advanced Training Class walks away with the working knowledge and confidence to keep themselves and those around them safer in their workplace. All classes can be tailored to your related industry and modified to emphasize your workplace requirements. We welcome you to schedule your next training with Advanced.

For further information or to schedule your next training, please contact us today.

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