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Gorbel GForce

  • Capacities from 165 to 1320 lbs.
  • Speeds up to 200 ft. per minute
  • Can cover multiple work cells
  • Rapid return on investment through increased productivity and reduced product damage
  • Decreases risk of operator injury creating a safer work environment
  • New tablet or computer based Smart Connect user interface makes configuration a breeze
  • Handle and PC or tablet Smart Connect user interfaces are available in 5 languages – English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Allows for multiple sets of Virtual Limits
  • 8 user configurable IO points on the handle
  • 8 dedicated Input and 4 dedicated Output points at the actuator
  • Higher environmental ratings (more tolerant to dust and liquid)
  • Enhances job performance

Features & Benefits

  • Patented G360™ collector and swivel assembly prevents damage to coil and/or optional air coil
  • Remote Mount Auxiliary I/O block mounted below the handle
  • Handle and PC or tablet based visualization interfaces are available in 5 languages – English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Standard teachable virtual limits and speed reduction points
  • Standard dual virtual limits
  • Handle configurations are easily changeable in the field
  • Intuitive servo-controlled lift
  • Standard float mode capability
  • Standard coil cords with in-field add-on air hose
  • Seamless operator present function by means of a photo sensor
  • Standard Input/Output functionality makes the product suitable for more applications out of the box
  • Ease of installation for reduced installation time & costs
  • Programmable inputs and outputs



  • Slide, pendant or force sensing handle options
  • Latch hook
  • Extended wire rope drop
  • Slide on Air Hose
  • Transformer
  • Universal trolley adapter


  • Automotive (engine assembly, transmission assembly, chassis components)
  • Aerospace
  • Heavy equipment manufacturing
  • Tool & Die changeouts
  • Natural Gas & Oil Industry (valves, drilling components, etc)
  • Repetitive lifting jobs
  • Parts Assembly
  • Machining
  • Palletizing loads
  • Warehouse loading docks
  • Process Equipment Maintenance
  • Semi Conductor

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