Special Applications

Have a challenging application that falls outside the typical?  Can’t seem to find a solution to your lifting and material needs?  Rely on our experience and expertise to custom tailor a solution that gets the job done.  

Some examples of our specialty applications are:

Clean Room

Need clean room material handling but can’t seem to find a partner that you can rely on.  We have a wide range of lifting solutions to meet the most stringent clean room requirements.  Regardless of industry, you can rely on Advanced to deliver best-in-class clean room solutions for you application.

Bulk Loading Stations

Bulk stations are for the filling of bulk bags over various different industries.  Commonly referred to as “Super Sacks” bulk bag stations can be designed specifically for the needs of a specific industry and application.  Solutions for bulk bag handling loading stations that can be custom tailored to your specific needs.  Bulk bag handling devices are offered in standard as well as low-profile designs to maximize headroom.

Food Grade 

We have a great selection of food grade crane and material handling solutions, is second to known.  Our crane systems are available in a wide range of designs and can be specified for wash down FDA compliant food grade paint and lubrication for food processing and similar applications.

Hoists that comply with the the FDA’s stringent requirements including stainless construction, food grade coatings were applicable.  Food grade lubricants are also available as part of this offering

Corrosion Resistant

We understand that harsh environments demand the best in corrosion protection.  At Advanced, we offer stainless steel and epoxy finish options to ensure that your investment lasts.  Regardless of industry, rely on Advanced to provide best-in-class material handling solutions that exceed your expectations.

Explosion Proof

We can specify the appropriate solutions to keep your operators safe while working in in explosive environments.

Tilting Applications

The ability to tilt or rotate components can prove challenging especially as the part grows in complexity, size and or weight.

Fortunately, there are various methods for accomplishing this task:


Upenders are floor mounted devices that provide a safe means of rotating large or heavy objects.  Once the part is positioned inside the platen, the unit is engaged until the desired rotation is accomplished.  Adequate floor space is generally required due to their relative size.

Drum Actuated Tilters

Drum actuated tilters are an innovative solution for part rotation.  This versatile solution incorporates specially designed slings to cradle the component being tilted.  As the drum spins, the slings move in unison to gently rotate the part.  These units are typically mounted to a hoist suspended from a crane system.

Turnover Hoists

While most hoists are used for lifting, Turnover hoists as their name suggests offer rotation by means of two connection points.  As one side goes down the goes up providing a turn over motion to rotate your product. It is important to note that turnover hoists need to be as they do not provide lifting capability on their own.

Is your requirement not listed above?  We love a challenge and look forward to hearing from you.  Call us today to see how Advanced provides solutions to your outside of the box lifting needs.  We start asking questions when others say no.

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