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In show business—especially during live events—failure is simply not an option. We are experts in custom-tailored theatrical solutions.  Regardless of the venue, we provide effective, out-of-sight solutions that allow your teams to perform safely and accurately.

We provide a complete line of temporary and permanent rigging and programming solutions for live TV, indoor and outdoor concerts, live events, touring events, traditional theater productions, festivals and more from known theatrical equipment providers.

Our hoists, winches, rigging, and stage equipment are built to blend in with the background and safely move sets, props and theater curtains. We also offer a variety of stage photography equipment to ensure your team gets the perfect shot.

Advanced is an official distributor for top names in entertainment rigging, like STAGEMAKER, Thern Stage Equipment, Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Technology (CM-ET), and more.  We can customize sizes and setups for your venue, performance, tour or event.

Learn more about our individual products below or get in touch to tell us what your team is looking for.

Electric Theatre Hoists

Vertical lifting in the theater requires special equipment to ensure hoists do their job safely and invisibly.  We have several hoist styles available, including single and variable speed, pilewind hoists and line shaft hoists.  Our team will build or source a theater hoist customized to your capacity and lift speed requirements.

If you need unique motor orientations or additional controls, let us know and we’ll deliver the right theatrical hoist specific to your performance requirements.


We offer winches for every application and budget, including both electric and manual winches.  Lift and lower banners and props of a wide range of capacities, with compact and ergonomic manual winches—an affordable choice.

Electric winches can help your stage crew lift even heavier loads with a smooth motion at variable speeds.  Our electrical winches come in different sizes, designs and feature speed controls, as well as safety features like emergency stops, breaks, and overload prevention systems.

No matter which type of winch you choose, ask us about our winch mounting accessories to ensure your equipment stays safely in place.

Control Solutions

Keep your show logistics coordinated with our range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) adapted for theatrical, live TV, concert, and other entertainment applications. PLCs automatically control your winches, rigging and lighting systems, ensuring smooth performance and flow.
We offer basic systems and complex solutions. We’ll work directly with your technicians to assess your setup and deliver the right solutions for your next show or event.

Stage and Curtain

The curtain says a lot about your stage. Choose from our line of reliable steel curtain tracks to make a great impression—without making noise.

Among our theatrical rigging equipment, we offer manual and motorized stage and theater curtain tracks offer a range of different configurations, including straight and curved tracks.

We offer our tracks with a black finish, suited to lift lightweight or heavy-duty stage and fire safety curtains.


From school stages to Broadway, rigging keeps the show moving and keeps audiences entertained. Trust our theatrical rigging accessories to lift performers, crews and equipment smoothly, without drawing attention away from the performance.

We have products to suit live event, theater, circus and arena settings, including ropes and lines, pulleys, bolts, anchors, swivels, thimbles, clips, grips and more.

The rigging solution you employ should be based on the type of load and application you’ll be supporting. Advanced has rigging specialists on the team who can help you select the right solution, and we’re glad to work with your own rigging specialists to ensure your team and performers get the right tools and put on a great show.

Photo Studio and Stage Equipment

Advanced has everything you need to do more on your photography set.

There are a lot of logistics to coordinate on set.  Equip your teams to move faster with photographic set rigging equipment from Advanced.

We offer overhead cranes and lighting rigs painted to fit and fade into your sets. From fashion to automotive photography, lift lighting and props faster and with less manual effort, using portable and permanent photography set solutions from Advanced.

We supply reliable equipment to rigging teams and entertainment venues in California and across North America, helping them meet all safety standards and pull off great performances every time.

Our involvement in show business doesn’t stop there—turn to our team for online OSHA and general safety training, or training at our training center in Irvine.  We also offer consulting, inspection, maintenance and certification services. Visit our Crane Services page to learn more about our approach and training center, or contact us to learn more about our involvement in the entertainment industry.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in Crane and Material Handling in California and all across North America. Our team is proud to provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment and material handling services for a wide variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our past work or learn how we can help your organization.

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