Below the Hook Lifting

Selecting a crane solution is important to the success of your project but what about the products being lifted?  At Advanced, we understand that your crane is only as good as what you use to lift your product.  Regardless of application, we offer the most complete line of below the hook options in the industry.  We believe there’s no such thing as a one-brand-fits all solution which is why we custom tailor every below-the-hook solution we sell.

We have partnered with the lead manufacturers including:

  • Caldwell
  • Schlumpf
  • Aimco
  • Schmalz
  • Anver
  • Bushman
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Morse
  • Renfroe
  • IMI (Industrial Magnetics)
  • And more…

Custom End Effectors

Sometimes lifting requires a unique solution.  Whether handling delicate components requiring precise resolution or needing faster tact times to improve productivity, we can design, fabricate and deliver best in class custom solutions.

Custom Handling Devices

Here at Advanced, we’ve designed and built end effectors and grippers for specific applications. Contact our team for custom handling devices to pick up uniquely shaped items at any weight.

Vacuum Style

Vacuum lifters are available in many configurations and use suction to lift a variety of parts both small or large.  When standard vacuum devices we offer custom vacuum device solutions that meet your needs. These lifts come in two basic varieties.

Vacuum tube lifters utilize a “tube” for both suction and lifting and require an external vacuum motor to create suction.  These are great solutions when high volume vacuum is required on porous materials such as bags, cardboard, etc.

Venturi style vacuum lifters generally use shop air to create suction and are used in applications where smooth surfaces are being engaged.  These devices require a separate means such as a hoist to provide lifting capability but benefit from their compact size and freedom of design.

Vacuum Lifting Devices

Get powerful vertical and horizontal lifting and rotation with vacuum-powered lifting devices and generators. Vacuum power moves the glass, sheet metal, boxes, packages and other materials safely and efficiently.
Whether you need to move, lift, tilt, rotate, or flip materials, Advanced offers ergonomic vacuum tube lifters, as well as mechanical and standalone vacuums from top names in the industry, including Schmalz, Anver, Wood Pow-R-Grip, Aimco, and Ingersoll Rand.

Clamp Style

These devices utilize a pneumatically actuated air cylinder to apply force to the exterior of a part for safe lifting.  Provisions can be made to adjust the amount of clamping force the device applies. Variation in the material and size of clamp pads are generally custom tailored to meet the needs of the application.  Clamp devices are generally best for lifting non compressible objects that are square or rectangular in shape.

Probe Style Devices

Like the name suggests, probe style devices use a probe to trap or skewer the part being lifted to safely lift and transfer the part.  These end effectors benefit from simplicity of design allowing them to be compact and lightweight.  Parts that have openings that

O.D. Grippers

O.D. grippers short for “outside diameter” grippers utilize a “clamshell” style clamp to engage a round part on the exterior surface thus capturing it for safe lifting.  These devices are a good solution for virtually any component that is cylindrical in shape where the outside surface can be interfaced with.

Lifting and Spreader Beams

Lift and balance loads with fixed or adjustable lifting and spreader beams. We can deliver customized end fittings tailored to your specific applications, and we work with a selection of standard, certified beams from top names, such as Caldwell Group Lifting Solutions, Bushman Equipment, and Harrington.

Roll Handling Equipment

Outfit your hoist to pick up, easily rotate, and move rolls up to 2,000+ lb. vertically and horizontally with below the hook roll handling equipment. We deliver horizontal, vertical and roll turner equipment from top industry names like Schlumpf, Valley Craft, and Ingersoll Rand, and can source or build customized solutions for special roll loads that our clients work with.

Roll Handling

Devices designed specifically for handling rolls, these are available in many different configurations such as I.D. core, O.D. and shaft / mandrel lifts.  A logical first step in roll handling is determining if the device will be floor or crane mounted with both type having their advantages. As with most handling devices, roll handling units may provide tilting and rotating capability and are generally used for lifting rolls on or off of winding machines.

Lifting Magnets

Lift magnetic sheets, tubes, billets and other materials with the power of magnetic force. The powered and manual magnet lifting systems we supply are built to lift, rotate, and tilt metals and magnetic materials of all shapes and sizes.

We supply magnetic lifting systems and replacement parts from Industrial Magnetics, OS Walker, Tecno-lift and others, including rare earth magnets and combination magnet-vacuum technology, ideal for working with non-ferrous metals.

Lifting Clamps and Tongs

Lift tubes, bales, sheets, crates and more with clamps or tongs, a versatile below the hook solution. Durable steel plate clamps and beam clamps from manufacturers such as Caldwell, Renfro-clamps, and Columbus McKinnon will help your team lift parts, sheets, beams and other materials securely and with ease.

Rely on lifting tongs, for bale and die lifting, or get customized single or dual gripping friction tongs. If you are handling sensitive materials, we also offer non-marring clamp technology. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Rigging Solutions

Partner with our in-house rigging experts to get the right solution for your rigging needs. We don’t stop at supplying equipment—we have a wide range of rigging, training, inspection and certification services for industry, events and entertainment.
When it comes to rigging, Advanced has a complete line of chains, wire ropes, hooks, slings that will help you lift safely and effectively. Even when the job sounds impossible and other companies say it can’t be done, we’re here to help. Our team takes pride in delivering safe and effective solutions for our clients’ biggest lifting challenges.

If you’re looking for customized rigging solutions for theater and entertainment, including concert and live television rigging equipment, check out our Film, Entertainment and Theatrical Equipment and Rigging page.

Drum Handling Solutions

Handle drums quickly and safety with our line of drum handling solutions from top names in the business, like Morse and Vestil. Whether you’re working with steel or fiber drums, we have the ground-based equipment and crane hook attachments to lift, tilt and move drums where they need to go.

We have end effectors and holding devices to suit any crane, hoist and application. Choose between drum lifters, drum grippers, carriers, dispensers, stackers and drum rotators or let us know what technology you’re already using and we can help you find the right solution to help you use and move your drums more efficiently.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in Crane and Material Handling in California and all across North America. Our team is proud to provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment and services for a wide variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our recent work and learn how we can help your organization with material handling.

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