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When you’re not moving materials, you need a place to store them.  Advanced Industrial Solutions takes a global approach to your storage needs by reviewing your entire production process.

Our experienced team will analyze your facility layout to create a solution that maximizes your storage potential and improves safety and efficiency. We have flexible storage solutions to scale with your operations, including racks, cabinets, lockers, and bins, so you can keep raw materials and goods safe and on-hand.

We have a multitude of racks and storage solutions from manufacturers, including:

  • Space Rack
  • Interlake Mecalux
  • North American Wholesale Logistics (NAWL)
  • Fraser
  • Unex Manufacturing
  • Ridg-U-Rak
  • and more…

If you require customized storage, we can design, engineer or source the right rack or storage solution for your application. We also offer specialized racks in a variety of finishes to meet industry safety requirements and fit the look of your facilities.

Our storage solutions include:

Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a great solution for the bulk storage of long items, such as lumber, tubes or pipes. They feature open sides (with no frame), allowing you to store items of varying lengths and giving you the freedom to easily move the items on and off the rack. Cantilever racks have braces at varying heights and structures to support a huge range of different materials—from lightweight PVC pipes to heavy lumber—and can be easily customized to support the items you need to store. We also carry adjustable racks, ideal for production lines with changing structures and needs.

Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are multi-level framed racks that support a variety of goods, including sheets and boxes. We can deliver pallet racks that fit into your space and workflow, support efficient forklift traffic patterns, or even give you more storage space above docking stations.

We also have seismic pallet racks that remain stable during seismic activities, reducing the risk of injury to your workforce and meeting the legal requirements for facilities located in seismic zones here in California and worldwide.

Carton Flow Solutions

Move goods easily from one cell to the next and increase pick rates with a carton flow rack. Carton flow systems have a series wheel beds and rollers that help operators move boxes and other items along the workflow while allowing operators to pick certain boxes using UPCs, SKUs or another identification method.  Carton flow provides better visibility and contributes to reduced mis-picks.

Carton flow racks can be integrated with your order picking systems for an automated process or can be used with manual picking. Either way, carton flow technology was made to make the transfer of boxes and rounded objects easier, keeping production speed high and frustration low for your operators.

Cabinets and Lockers

If you need enclosed or locked storage for your workspace, we offer a wide range of cabinets and lockers for industrial storage and employee convenience.  Keep your materials and operators safe with fire-resistant cabinets and storage solutions for solvents and flammable materials. Or simply outfit your team’s locker room.

Choose between locked and unlocked enclosed storage solutions. Specify the size and finish you need and our team will deliver the options, or let our team assess your facility and help you plan large-scale storage solutions.

Bins and Totes

Look no further for fireproof and standard shelving systems. Use our plastic bins and totes to keep your shelving systems, racks and work cells organized. Choose from open storage or covered containers. Whether you need portability, “stackability,” dividers, or custom sizing, turn to Advanced Industrial to deliver the full storage solution.

Wire Shelf Racking

Select from steel and chrome wire shelving units in a huge variety of capacities and configurations. We offer light and heavy duty shelves at fixed and adjustable heights, built to suit your space or fit over or under existing objects in your workspace.

If you need to move goods on racks, choose from our range of portable chrome wire utility carts for convenient transportation between workstations. We source wire shelf racks and utility carts from trusted names in the industry, including Tarrison, Nexel, and Metro, ensuring we can source the right storage solution for your space and application.

Specialty Automated Storage Solutions

In addition to offering fire-resistant and locked storage solutions, we also have automated storage solutions, including vertical carousels, automated shuttle systems, and automated storage retrieval systems (ASRS). Our team is always on the lookout for new storage solutions that will improve organization and efficiency in the workplace, sourcing storage solutions from top manufacturers such as Kardex Remstar, Stanley Vidmar, and others.

Vertical Carousels

If you need a solution that supports reducing the time during order picking and increasing storage density, vertical carousels are an ideal automated storage and retrieval system. The vertical nature of the system allows for you to efficiently use your facility’s height for maximum storage potential.

With a vertical carousel, operators can easily place and index items then pick them later at equally quick speed, using computer controls.

Drive-In and Drive-Through Racks

One of the most efficient rack storage solutions is drive-in pallet racking, which helps you save space and eliminate aisles between each rack. Especially useful for fast moving goods, these systems have specified entry/exit points where operators can load goods onto the racks easily with technology that rolls or slides the goods further in as each new item is added. When the time comes for pack retrieval, the last pack loaded at a specific entry point will be the first retrieved, making it ideal for companies using last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory management.

Drive-through racks are a similar solution with one important difference: they have separate entry and exit points. This enables automated stock rotation, which can be especially useful if you’re selling perishable goods or using the first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management system.

In addition to drive-in and drive-through racks, we offer material handling and crane training, routine inspection and maintenance. Contact us to learn more.

Pushback Rack

Pushback racks improve upon standard pallet racks by allowing pallets to be stored on either side of each aisle, meaning you can store more on each rack. As you load each pallet on the rack, previously loaded pallets are pushed back. When your operator makes a retrieval, the pallets slowly reverse, so previously loaded pallets become easily accessible and saving time on retrievals. Pushback rack systems are ideal for LIFO (last in, first out) inventory management.

Automated Storage Retrieval Systems

Automate pallet loading and retrieval with an ASRS system, which reduces the need for forklift transportation and can be set up for use with several different types of automated shuttles. The shuttles move your pallet into and out of storage lanes.

ASRS can also be outfitted with lifting solutions to move goods vertically along your storage racks. Automated storage retrieval is a highly customizable solution for warehouse spaces that has proven to increase speed and efficiency in storage.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in Crane and Material Handling in California and all across North America. Our team is proud to provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment and material handling services for a wide variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our past work or learn how we can help your organization.

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