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How can you be certain that you are selecting the best hoist for your lifting application?

How do know it will prove reliable and provide years of trouble free operation?

Our team of industry experts has years of experience working with clients from industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, wastewater treatment, marine, HVAC, glass manufacturing, food and beverage, and more.  Whether you have already identified your equipment needs or require guidance in selecting the right product, You can rely on Advanced to help you find the best solution for your lifting application.

At Advanced, safety and reliability are at the center of everything we do.  We take the guesswork out of the hoist selection process combining best-in-class expertise with the highest quality products from the most trusted names in the industry.  Our results speak for themselves and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We choose to provide hoists from the following leading manufacturer’s including:

  • R&M
  • Harrington
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Yale
  • Coffing
  • Gorbel
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • Demag
  • Chester
  • Acco-Wright
  • JD Neuhaus
  • and more…

Different types of hoist products we offer include:

Electric Chain Hoists

Available in wide range of configurations, electric chain hoists are an ideal choice for lifting loads from 250 lb to 5 tons.  They can be specified with different mounting options including manual or motorized trolley, lug or hook mount.  Different lifting speeds are also available and typically consist of single-speed, dual speed, and variable frequency drive variants.  Additionally, voltage options are available in both single and three phase specifications to best suit tour application requirements.

Electric Wire Rope Hoists 

Wire rope hoists are generally selected for use with larger crane systems or when capacities increase beyond 5 tons or longer lifting range is required.  Wire rope units generally come equipped with integrated motorized trolleys allowing them to traverse in two directions.  They provide smooth operation by means of a cable on drum design and prove beneficial in applications that demand precision.  Lifting and traversing speeds are generally two-speed or VFD and can be specified at time of order.

Pneumatic Hoists

Pneumatic hoists are similar in function to electric hoists but as the name suggests are powered by compressed air.  Air hoists as they are commonly referred to, are an excellent choice when electric hoists are prohibited since they are considered intrinsically safe.  By nature of their design, air hoists offer variable speed control and are well suited to applications that require high speed operation as they are typically faster than their electric counterparts.  It is highly recommended that you purchase an FRL (filter, regulator, lubricator) for use with your pneumatic hoist as it will undoubtedly extend the hoists service life.


Balancers are air or electrically powered lifting devices that come in variety of configurations are generally designed for lighter capacity lifting.  While most balancers, as the name suggests, offer some form balance or “float” capability, they are primarily used for lifting.  Models such as the Gorbel G -Force, offer intelligent lifting capability providing  operators with a myriad of programmable features to increase efficiency and productivity.  Ask Advanced if a balancer is the best fit for your lifting application.

Intelligent Lifting Solutions

Intelligent lifting is fairly recent technology that increases the speed and accuracy of lifting and moving materials in production. ILS solutions typically have a G-force balancer and allow operators to “float” items, so that operators can lift move and place heavy goods manually as if they were nearly weightless.

Intelligent lifting systems are used to move goods around obstructions or within work cells, for loading and unloading, but have also been used successfully in a number of other applications. ILS systems are a cost-effective alternative to robots, yet offer an increased level of flexibility and speed over jib style cranes.

Manual Chain and Lever Hoists

Manual chain hoists and lever hoists offer a lower cost solution to powered hoists and are most commonly used in maintenance and construction.  Available in a wide range of lifting capacities, manual hoists are great alternatives over powered hoists when electricity or compressed are is unavailable.  With their compact and lightweight design, they prove a viable solution where portability is required. 

Manual chain hoists rely on manual hand-over-hand actuation that with gear reduction provide lifting to their rated capacity.  They can be ordered with a top hook, manual or hand-gear trolley.  Specialized variants such as Army type or NTH (Navy trolley hoists) come equipped with an integrated trolley offering the a compact design and is a great solution when low headroom is required.  Manual lever hoists, as the their name implies, utilize lever actuation for lifting and are ideal for lifting short distances  as well as tensioning applications.

Manual and Powered Winches

Winches encompass a wide range products used for either lifting or pulling.  They operate by means of a cable and drum whereby as the drum rotates, the cable extends or retracts in the direction of the drum.  This design affords winches a far greater range of travel than their hoist counterparts.  There are however, drawbacks such as variance in lifting speeds as layers of cable form over the drum as well as capacity limitations particularly in lifting applications.

Winches are available in both manual and powered variants and come in a wide range of pulling and lifting capacities.  Typically used in lighter applications, manual winches are a less expensive alternative to powered winches especially power in unavailable.

We offer a wide range winch solutions from the most trusted names in the industry such as Thern, Columbia, and JD Neuhaus.  Contact us today to determine the best solutions for your application.

Specialty Hoists

Not all industries are created equal, and to meet every challenge with the right solution we’ve built up a huge catalogue of specialty material handling equipment for every part of the production process, hoists included.

We offer hoists suitable for theatrical productions, clean rooms and for industries handling flammable or hazardous materials requiring fireproof or corrosion resistant equipment. This includes hoists with spark resistant materials and finishes and corrosion resistant hoists and lifting equipment.

We also supply food-grade hoists for the food production industry, made from 100% stainless steel, edible lubricant, and chip-proof enamel paint. Please get in contact for more information about our top-quality specialty material handling solutions.

Custom Hoist Options and Accessories

If you’re in need of a custom solution for your industry, give us a call and our in-house material handling experts will help you find the right hoist and accessories for your application. We also offer end-to-end material handling services, including inspection, maintenance, training, and certification. For more information, visit our Crane and Material Handling Services page or contact our team.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in Crane and Material Handling in California and all across North America. Our team is proud to provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment and material handling services for a wide variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our past work or learn how we can help your organization.

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