Material Handling Solutions

Have a material handling problem but not quite sure how to solve it?  By combining years of industry knowledge with an extensive product portfolio, we provide world class material handling solutions for virtually any application.  Put your trust in Advanced to keep your workers injury free and productive.

We offer the following types of material handling solutions:

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables are used to lift and lower components and product while keeping operators in a safe ergonomic work envelope.  Used to lift boxes or parts so an operator or conveyor can pick the materials up and continue the production process.

Scissor lift tables consist of a platform, usually made out of steel, which is supported by a scissor-like hydraulic mechanism that smoothly lifts and lowers the platform.  Scissor lift tables are best used for smaller lift distances (up to 30 feet) and come in many different sizes and configurations, including casters and safety brake technology. The lifting technology is also flexible: some scissor lift tables are powered by manual foot pumps, other models are powered by shop air, and yet other models offer both lifting mechanisms simultaneously.

Mobile Carts and Stackers

Manual and powered stackers are medium-capacity lifting and moving systems that offer great flexibility and maneuverability. They are far stronger than chrome wire carts and are smaller, faster, and more cost-efficient than forklifts. Operators typically stand on or walk behind the unit as it moves.

If you need a forklift alternative, mobile carts and stackers are easier to maneuver and quicker. Mobile carts are available in different models, built to suit a variety of applications. Just let us know what materials you need to handle and we’ll provide the best options for your workflow.

Portable Scissor Lifts

Lift operators and materials to height with portable scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are typically used to lift and lower goods and operators between 10 and 40 feet.

Scissor lifts have a variety of applications and are powered by electricity or engines. As with all material handling devices, the best lift depends on the application and workspace. We have low-noise lifts, optimized to move quietly indoors, as well as outdoor lifts that are powerful enough to move operators safely along the rougher terrain.

Dock Leveling Equipment

Dock leveling, although sometimes overlooked, is an important solution that can increase loading and unloading speed, and make docks a safer place for operators by reducing the risk of tripping and falls.  Hydraulic, mechanical and air-powered dock levelers create a smooth incline or decline from truck to factory floor with larger height differences, we also offer scissor lift technology and ramps for dock leveling, as well as ramp solutions to level out smaller height differences.

Drum Handling Solutions

Handle drums quickly and safely with our line of drum handling solutions. Whether you’re working with steel or fiber drums, we have the ground-based equipment and crane hook attachments to lift, tilt and move drums where they need to go.  Choose between drum lifters, drum grippers, carriers, dispensers, stackers and drum rotators or let us know what technology you’re already using and our team will help you find the right solution to help you move and utilize your industrial drums more efficiently.

Conveyor Systems

At Advanced, we understand that each conveyor project has its own unique requirements.  We combine our wide range of conveyor solutions with years of expertise. The end result? We can achieve the results you want, on even the most challenging conveyor projects.

The range of conveyor options includes both portable and permanent solutions, and offer several different power options.  Our selection includes minimum pressure and smart zero pressure accumulation conveyors to protect goods in areas of the production line between machines or at the end of the line where goods tend to stack up.

We source standard and specialty conveyor systems and transfer stations from top brands including OMTEC, Dorner, and QC Industries. If you face a material moving challenge and would like to know more about how we can supply the right equipment for your facility, our team is ready to help with assessments, equipment, installation, maintenance and additional services. Give us a call.

Gravity Rollers

Gravity roller conveyors use the natural power of gravity to roll goods down a slight decline on a path made of roller wheels. Available in straight roller, curved roller, and spur designs, gravity roller conveyor systems require no energy to operate.

Gravity roller conveyors are also flexible in nature, easily used in a variety of industrial applications. They’re available in both permanent and foldable, portable configurations, including lightweight and heavy-duty conveyor models, built to suit the goods you need to move.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered roller conveyor systems feature motors that spin the rollers, allowing you to move goods along a level surface.  Powered rollers operate quietly and are easy to install and maintain.  We have a large number of different models and brands in our offering that will help you move lightweight goods or heavy items quickly around the production line or workspace.

Portable Skate Wheel

If you need to move your conveyor system to different vehicles or areas of the workspace, portable skate wheel conveyors are a convenient wheel-based system. The wheels are smaller than traditional roller conveyors, allowing the entire system to contract for easy transport.

Then, once the operator is ready to use the system, the skate wheel easily expands, becoming ready to start moving boxes and goods. Skate wheel systems are ideal for temporary loading and unloading applications for light to medium volumes—or in any application where flexibility is key.

Powered Belt Conveyors

Belted conveyors move goods along a smooth, flat surface, ensuring fragile parts and goods do not sustain any damage, compared with rollers, which have a bumpy surface.

Powered conveyor belts are easy to install and can be fixed to the floor. We carry models varying from lightweight to heavy duty, with varying belt materials to best suit the materials you need to move. Let us know what you’re moving and we’ll source the right solution for your facility.

Overhead Conveyor Systems

Often used in assembly lines, fashion, or to move goods and containers, such as packaging and totes, overhead conveyor systems offer the benefit of letting operators move around on the ground and work at a comfortable, easy-to-reach height.

Overhead conveyor systems let you keep your valuable floor space and get a smooth movement that can be combined with workstations to keep a smooth flow of goods. Our overhead conveyors can be motorized or moved manually and can be customized for heavy duty, high capacity loads, or lightweight materials.

Transfer Systems

Easily roll and position items at the workstation with the help of a transfer system. Using a combination of rollers and roller balls, you can move and rotate goods in any direction without any manual lifting.

Some transfer systems come equipped with pads that operators can engage. These pads function as “brakes,” allowing you to hold goods firmly in place once correctly positioned and can be quickly disengaged after the work is done, letting the operator move the goods further down the production line.

Transfer systems are most often built as a workstation table, but stations can also be customized and integrated with existing conveyor systems to allow for optimum workflow. If you’d like to add transfer systems to your production process, let us know where you envision your transfers or consult our team for a site assessment.

Specialty Conveyors

We offer conveyors for specialty use, including food grade and cleanroom conveyors and transfer stations. We have the equipment to support any application that requires reliable movement, cleanliness, and easy sanitation.

We offer food-grade conveyors with anti-microbial belts and stainless steel design and bearings, and the option to enclose the belts entirely, guarding from pollutants in the air. We can also supply conveyor systems with divert gates for product examination, allowing a quick exit for food, pharmaceutical or other goods that don’t pass inspection.

If you need a particular style conveyor, whether it’s a spiral, sorting or extendable conveyor, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to learn more about or specialty conveyors.

Fleet Maintenance and Commercial Vehicle Lifts

Move and maintain your fleet with our line of industrial and commercial vehicle lifts. Whether you’re inspecting military tanks, waste management trucks, or city buses, we provide the lifts to support your work.

Advanced offers permanent and portable two- and four-post runway lifts, truck lifts, parallelogram heavy vehicle lifts, mobile column automotive lifts, and custom lifts. Choose from a range of lifts to suit all vehicle sizes, and rest assured that the solution we deliver will put safety first.

We specialize in lifts for municipal fleet maintenance and military vehicles and have proudly supported fleets in California and across the U.S. If you need lifts to service and maintain your heavy vehicles, contact us for more information and pricing.

Specialty Material Handling

The list of material handling products we carry doesn’t stop here. From pallet jacks, to lift booms, we have a huge variety of material handling equipment, shelving and storage solutions. Whether you need dumpsters, fork extensions, specialty widgets, or below the hook lifting for special applications, contact our team to learn about the solutions and customized material handling products we deliver.

Our team focuses helping clients achieve maximum efficiency and use of space—safely—by providing complete solutions and services to support production, storage and maintenance processes. We’re here to help.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in crane systems and material handling in California and all across North America.  Our team is proud to provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment and material handling services for a wide variety of industries. Contact us to learn more about our past work or learn how we can help your organization.

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