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Confined spaces come with inherent risks of low visibility and air flow. Keep workers safe in tight areas and workspaces, or areas with hazardous fumes. Our confined space safety solutions are available in a wide array of configurations to provide safety for your workers when they need it most, whether they’re working in a jet fuel tank, sewage system, or even at confined spaces at height.

Creating a safe environment for every confined workspace
Confined space safety equipment goes hand-in-hand with air quality safety technology, which is why we also offer air monitoring and blower systems to ensure the best possible air quality for workers in confined areas.

Advanced Industrial Solutions also offers site assessment and consultation, as well as delivery, installation, and training, in order to help you grow and support a culture of safety in your work environment. Contact our team to tell us more about your application and we will create customized safety and training solutions for your organization.

Our team takes the wide variety of working applications into account, and we know that choosing the right solution for each situation is integral to keeping workers safe in any space.

That’s why we work with a range of trusted safety equipment manufacturers and have an experienced fall safety team in place that can help you determine the best products for your worksite. Our team only works with solutions which have proven to keep operators safe.

We are the official suppliers of safety equipment from top manufacturers, including:

  • MSA
  • DBI-Sala
  • Miller
  • FallTech
  • Pelsue
  • and more…

Rescue and Retrieval Systems

When workers are in a dangerous or precarious situation, rescue and retrieval systems will help get them back to safety as quickly as possible, hoisting the operator back into an open area.

Rescue and retrieval systems are available in two setups: arm and tripod. Tripods are a vertical solution, typically placed over the entrance of the confined space, for example over a manhole cover. Arms can be used in applications where overhead positioning is not practical. Each style of rescue and retrieval system comes with a wench and crank.

The operator in the confined space connects to the system using a harness and back D-ring connection point. As soon as the operator’s work partner notices that something is wrong, he or she can crank the winch and the rescue and retrieval system would help bring the operator back out of the confined space and into the open.

Work Positioning

Work positioning is a way to lock workers into a small area of movement, not allowing them to fall. Used most often in more precarious work applications, such as work at the top of a skyscraper, work positioning systems keep operators from overstepping into a dangerous position.

Confined Space Air Monitoring

Industrial air pollution is a silent danger all too common in chemical processing plants and areas where fuel is stored. This hazard is compounded in closed and confined spaces where ventilation is poor.

Air monitoring systems are the best way to get an immediate visual on the air quality where your employees will be working. Air monitors produce a digital readout that indicates how many milligrams of dust, gas or other airborne contaminants are in the air per cubic meter. The General Duty Clause of the OSH Act requires all employers to provide a safe workplace without any known hazards, and air quality is one hazard that you can easily identify with the help of an air monitor.

Confined Space Fans and Blower Systems

Remove noxious fumes from the working area with a confined space blower, powered by gas or electricity. We have a full selection of blowers, ducts and fans to suit any confined space.

Custom Confined Space Safety Solutions

If your organization requires a customized solution or equipment that you don’t see listed on our site, don’t hesitate to call us for an assessment and custom-built solution for your worksite.

Safety Training for Confined Space Worksites

Industrial safety relies on knowledgeable employees. If your team requires training to get up-to-date on local policies and safety procedures specific to confined spaces or to other hazardous worksites, we offer safety training services at our facilities, located near the Irvine Spectrum, or on-site. We don’t just sell safety equipment—we believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for all of our clients and their work environments.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in industrial safety equipment and training in North America.

We have the right solutions to keep your workers safe.

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