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Advanced offers a wide selection of permanent fall protection systems to keep your workers safe while working at height.  We offer site assessment, installation, and training for virtually everything we sell.  Our team of factory trained fall protection experts works with you to make sure we fully understand your application.

At Advanced, we know that selecting the right fall protection solution is integral to keeping your workers safe.  Rely on our experience and expertise to provide world-class fall protection and safety solutions for your next project.

We partner with following leading manufacturers, including:

  • Z-Axis Safety
  • Tether Track
  • Rigid Lifelines
  • 3M – Capital Safety
  • DBI-Sala
  • Leading Edge Safety
  • FallTech
  • Miller
  • MSA
  • Guardian
  • And more…

Advanced Permanent Fall Protection Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations:

Ceiling Mounted Monorails

Ceiling mounted monorails systems protect workers traveling across a linear path.  They are an ideal solution for aircraft hangers and fleet maintenance shops keeping floor space free and clear of obstructions.  These systems rely on the overhead ceiling structure for support and can be configured for single or multi-person use.  They provide operators with the necessary freedom free of movement along the track with movement of up to 30 degrees in direction past vertical in any direction.

Freestanding Monorail Systems 

Freestanding monorails provide fall arrest protection in outdoor applications or indoor applications where the ceiling is not adequately suited to support a ceiling mounted monorail system.

Freestanding monorails are permanent fall arrest systems, fixed to the ground to contain a minimal number of components and provide fall arrest for multiple workers along a fixed path.

We offer four types of freestanding monorails: the inverted “L,” inverted “U,”T-frame, and Single or multiple post-suspension monorails.

Inverted “L”

An Inverted-L basically protects outdoor operators with a linear run of a fall protection track.  Inverted “L” monorails can be set up as a single or double-sided cantilevered system, used with a self-retracting lifeline.

This type of monorail can be a low-cost solution for outdoor fall safety applications.

Inverted “U”

Inverted-U monorail systems have a vertical support column on either side with header beams that run laterally from column to column laterally with a vertical tract that connects them.

The Inverted-U is an ideal solution for accommodating multiple tracks, rail cars and workers, and it also allows more lateral movement than the inverted-L solution due to the added stability of dual support columns. This monorail structure does not require large foundations, leaving you more space to work on the ground.


T-frame monorails are ideal for side-by-side outdoor applications on large vehicles like tanker or rail cars. With only one post in the middle of two tracks, workers can work on two separate projects side by side, with only one set of support posts and foundations in the center.

Swing Arm Track Systems

Swing-arm and fold-away systems allow operators to have a great range of circular movement, and only require a modest amount of space for installation. Swing arm fall protection systems feature tracks which rotate up to 360 degrees, perfect for allowing work to get done in multiple areas of a particular space.

Freestanding swing-arm fall arrest systems mount to the floor of the workspace and provide a circular area of coverage. With only one support column, swing-arm fall protection is an ideal solution for areas with minimal floor space and the arm can be moved so that other vehicles, such as cranes, can pass.

Fold-Away Track Systems

Fold-away fall arrest systems are a great permanent solution for industrial and construction applications where floor space is limited or floor obstructions must be kept to a minimum. Fold-away solutions are mounted to existing columns on your worksite. The track can swing out for use and be folded down against the wall when large vehicles, such as cranes, need to pass through.

Single and Multiple Post Suspension

Single and multiple post-suspension monorail systems can accommodate a wide range of applications and can be set up with tracks and support posts at any height or length. Depending on the working application, your suspension system can be set up with a single post or several posts, and this is a cost-effective alternative to other systems due to the relatively low amount of foundations required to support this fall arrest system.

Traveling Bridge

Traveling bridge fall arrest systems consist of two runways and a perpendicular bridge that allow trollies to roll freely back and forth. Traveling bridge systems are ideal for industrial applications which require a larger area of fall protection that can be accommodated with a single track monorail.

The traveling bridge can be mounted to the ceiling or bolted to the ground with freestanding support columns and headers. Used with a self-retracting lanyard, operators can get swing fall protection while maintaining their ability to move in any direction.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in fall safety equipment and training in North America. We work with our clients to build and support a culture of safety at the workplace.

If you would like more information about any of our permanent fall protection solutions or on-site fall protection training and certification programs, get in touch with our team for more information.

Custom Permanent Fall Arrest Systems

Advanced also offers customized fall arrest and restraint solutions. If your operations require a type of solution you don’t see on our site, call our team for a custom assessment.

Complete your fall arrest system with our large selection of self-retracting lanyards (SRLs) and harnesses.

Professional Training for Fall Protection Equipment

Fall restraint systems rely on knowledgeable operators to be as safe and effective as possible. If your team requires training to use their new fall protection system, we offer full-service fall safety training at our facilities and on-site. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients and their work environments.

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