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Advanced offers a wide selection of portable fall protection solutions that keep your workers safe in a multitude of applications and working environments.  When permanent fall protection solutions aren’t a viable option, our portable solutions protect your workers while providing much needed mobility.  Portable solutions come in many designs and configurations, offering the mobility and versatility that fixed systems can’t provide.

In addition to fall protection equipment, we also offer site assessment and consultation, as well as delivery, installation, and training, in order to help you grow and support a culture of safety in your work environment.

Creating a Safe Environment for Every Worksite

Our team takes the wide variety of working applications into account, and we believe that choosing the right solution for each situation is integral to worker safety. That’s why we work with a multitude of fall protection equipment manufacturers and have a team in place that can help you determine the best products for your worksite. Our buyers choose only trusted and proven solutions to keep your operators safe. We work with well-known fall safety equipment manufacturers, including:

  • Rigid Lifelines
  • Malta Dynamics
  • 3M FlexiGuard
  • DBI-Sala
  • MSA
  • Guardian
  • FallTech
  • Miller
  • Tether Track
  • and more…

Rolling A-Frames and Monorails

Rolling A-Frames, also called rolling monorails, provide mobile fall arrest technology for both indoor and outdoor use. Portable monorails can save time and money with no need for permanent installation, ideal for temporary worksites.

Roll the system where you need it, lock it into place, and operators can attach their harness lanyard to the trolley and safely begin working. Monorails can be outfitted to suit a single operator or multiple workers and can be custom-engineered for your application.

Portable Ladder and Stairway Systems

Portable ladder and platform solutions consist of a ladder or stairway layout with a small platform on top, so your workers can safely reach higher platforms or work areas. Perfect for use in a variety of applications and available in a variety of heights and sizes, these are compact rolling ladder systems that can be locked into place and used for safe ascent and descent to the workspace.

Portable Swing Arm Systems

Swing-arm and fold-away fall protection equipment allow operators to have a great range of circular movement, with a rotating track. Another benefit of swing arm systems is that they fold away and therefore only require a modest amount of space for storage, can fit in narrow spaces, and can be easily folded quickly in the case that goods or vehicles need to pass by.

Swing arm fall protection systems feature tracks which rotate up to 360 degrees, perfect for allowing work to get done in multiple areas of a particular indoor or outdoor space.

Portable swing arm fall arrest systems and portable bases can be transported with a forklift and easily assembled using bolt systems. We also have swing arm systems available with counterbalance on wheels, allowing for easier transport within a smaller range. Systems are available with single or double tracks, so you can secure up to two workers with one swing arm system.

Temporary Worksite Solutions

We offer a range of lightweight portable solutions for temporary worksites, from a variety of innovative fall safety equipment manufacturers. Each of these solutions can be easily transported and secured with the weight of a heavy vehicle or forklift.

We also offer anchor track fall restraint systems, which employ a rigid track system—much like our permanent solutions—but can be easily moved from worksite to worksite and safely reinstalled for every new project.

Portable Anchor Systems

Choose from our selection of portable rooftop anchor systems that won’t harm the roof surface and can easily be assembled and disassembled for use at multiple sites. Our selection includes weighted single point anchors. Weighted anchor systems can be used as a permanent solution or as a mobile fall restraint system, allowing operators to work effectively at height while keeping them at a safe distance from the edge of the roof or other high work surfaces, preventing falls from happening in the first place.

Custom Portable Fall Arrest Systems

Advanced also offers additional fall arrest and restraint solutions not listed on our website. Our team is always on the lookout for new fall safety technology.

If your operations require a larger scale solution or equipment you don’t see on our site, don’t hesitate to call us for a custom assessment.

Complete your new fall arrest system with our large selection of self-retracting lanyards (SRLs) and harnesses.

Professional Training for Fall Protection Equipment

Fall restraint systems rely on knowledgeable operators to be as safe and effective as possible. If your team requires training to use their new fall safety system, we offer training services at our facility and on-site. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients and their work environments.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in fall safety equipment and training in North America. We have the right solutions to keep your workers safe.

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