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Our roof access solutions are designed to keep your workforce and contractors safe and able to work efficiently on rooftop structures, stairways, mezzanines, gangways or on any surface at height.

Advanced Industrial Solutions offers a selection of portable and permanent rooftop fall restraint and fall arrest systems, including hatch and skylight protection, horizontal lifeline systems, anchors, ladder systems, and more. There are a multitude fall safety solutions which can be customized to suit your worksite. Get in contact with our team if you’d like a consultation for your rooftop workspace or you’d like to set up fall safety training for your team.

Creating a safe environment for every worksite
Our team takes the wide variety of working applications into account when consulting with our clients. We know that choosing the right solution for each situation is integral to keeping workers safe at any height – that’s precisely why we’ve chosen manufacturers with excellent track records for each product category, rather than relying on any single brand.

Trust Advanced and get peace of mind knowing that your workers are well-trained and protected from falls while working at height.

  • Leading Edge Safety
  • Bluewater Manufacturing
  • DBI-Sala
  • XS-Platforms
  • Plasteco
  • and more…

Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Keep rooftop workers and roofing contractors safe with our horizontal lifeline systems. Horizontal Lifelines consist of vertical supports spaced out across the work area, and a cable that connects them, about one foot off the ground. Workers connect to the cable with their harness and the system-specific connection point, allowing them to walk around the perimeter of the room to get to their work area.

Horizontal lifeline systems are fall restraint systems that keep contractors at a safe distance that allows them to access the edge of the roof for work purposes, but not step over and into harm’s way. Lifeline systems are an ideal solution wherever guardrails are not an option.

Fixed and Temporary Guardrail Systems

Secure the outer edges of your rooftop with our durable guardrails. Choose permanently attached guardrails, which will provide OSHA compliance for years to come without a second thought, or choose portable guardrails for temporary work, or for areas where a fixed installation is not an option.

Portable guardrails use counterweights to secure the guardrail in place and can be easily broken down, transported, and set up in a new work area.

Outfit your rooftop guardrails with safety gates to provide high mobility and ensure safety at height.

Ladder Systems

Meet OSHA requirements and protect your workers with our ladder systems and ladder guardrail systems for rooftop access. We can outfit your workspace with ladders or outfit ladders with systems that allow workers to tie in on as they ascend to and descend from the rooftop worksite.

Our ladder systems and fall safety solutions come in a variety of standard sizes and can be customized or modified to fit any needs that fall outside of that range.

Roof Hatch Fall Protection

Roof hatches provide roof access, but they are hazardous if left unprotected. Surround your roof hatches with guardrails and safety gates, or use a tripod fall protection system overhead to prevent accidental falls and stay compliant with OSHA rooftop safety standards.

Temporary Rooftop Solutions

Advanced Industrial is the sole official distributor of Leading Edge Safety’s TriRex in California. Once on the roof, the TriRex Mobile Fall Protection Cart allows one, two or three operators to connect to it. It’s a portable anchor point that can easily move around the rooftop, but has axle locking technology, allowing the cart to provide protection at nearly any area of the roof.

The TriRex is available in three sizes and can provide fall arrest for up to three workers and fall arrest for two workers. TriRex can also be outfitted with additional safety features, including alert and fall retrieval systems.

We also offer portable anchor systems that won’t harm the roof’s surface and can easily be assembled and disassembled for use at multiple sites, including single point deadweight anchors. Counterweighted anchors can be used as a permanent solution at a single rooftop area, or as a mobile fall restraint system, allowing operators to work effectively at height while keeping them at a safe distance from the edge of the roof or other high work surface.

Skylight Fall Protection

Protect rooftop skylights and prevent deadly falls with skylight fall protection solutions. We offer skylight protection screens for skylights of all sizes and types. It’s a cost-effective solution that can save lives and once installed requires little to no upkeep.


Choose from a variety of permanent, portable and reusable rooftop anchors, including hinged, swiveling and detachable roof anchors. We have anchors suited to protect workers, for every roofing material and application.

Request a quote for your rooftop fall safety solution. Contact our team today.

Complete your rooftop fall restraint or fall arrest system with our large selection of self-retracting lanyards (SRLs) and harnesses.

Professional Training for Rooftop Safety

Fall protection depends on knowledgeable operators to be as safe and effective as possible. If your team requires training to use their new equipment, we offer training services at our facility in Irvine or on-site. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients and their work environments.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in fall safety equipment and training in North America. We have the right solutions to keep your workforce safe.

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