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Our complete line of high-quality soft goods supports workers in even the most demanding applications.

Find out how properly specified fall protection gear keeps your workforce safe, comfortable and productive. Our range includes basic gear and premium soft goods that reduce shock or controlled ascent or descent, helping move operators back into safe territory and preventing fall-related injuries due to remaining suspended while waiting for help.

Creating a safe environment on every worksite

Every workspace and working application requires a different safety equipment and gear. The Advanced team looks at each worksite and application and knows that choosing the right solution for each situation is integral to keeping workers safe at any height. That’s why we work with a range of brands for all of our Fall Protection equipment categories.

Trust Advanced Industrial Solutions and get peace of mind knowing your workers are well-trained and well-protected from falls and injuries on the job.
We work with top lanyard and harness manufacturers, including:

  • Capital Safety
  • DBI-SALA Fall Protection
  • Malta Dynamics
  • Miller Fall Protection
  • Rigid Lifelines
  • FallTech
  • and more…

We sell a variety of lanyards, harnesses, hardware and replacement components, as well as specialty soft goods for fall safety. These goods work to support both rigid and portable fall arrest and restraint systems. We serve clients who have a workforce actively working in confined spaces and at height, to help keep their employees safe.

Lanyards and Self-retracting Lanyards (SRLs)

Lanyards can be used in a vertical orientation with a rigid overhead system or used horizontally for proper work positioning or for added safety in confined spaces. With a rigid horizontal system, a self-retracting lanyard is generally the best option, allowing the operator to pull themselves back to safety.

Lanyard safety technology has come a long way to reduce and prevent harness trauma after the fall arrest system has done its job. We’re proud to offer a selection of durable lanyards with technology that helps move workers back to safety: controlled descent lanyards are one such option, allowing workers suspended in the air to lower themselves safely to the ground or platform.

Shock-absorbing lanyards

Shock-absorbing lanyards are another good solution for connecting with an overhead fall restraint system. Shock absorption reduces the initial shock of breaking the fall, thereby reducing lanyard and harness-related injury.

If you have any questions about which lanyard is best for your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


Our range of harnesses are durable, ranging from basic harnesses to premium shock protection harnesses with additional padding and components for ergonomics and comfort.

Use harnesses in combination with lanyards, SRLs, D-rings or D-ring extenders, to render the right connection between your workforce and fall protection equipment.

Hardware and Replacement Items

If your safety equipment is in need of new parts and components, Advanced has the supplies. From anchor points in the all to All of the small components, little anchor points that go into the wall, additional items.
Replacement parts

Specialty Fall Safety Gear

Turn to Advanced Industrial Solutions for specialty fall safety relief products, including trauma relief packs and personal rescue devices.

Trauma release packs

A trauma release pack is a system of straps which, when deployed, allow for suspended workers to shift their weight and relieve pressure created by the harness after a fall arrest system has broken their fall. Operators can essentially “stand” on a strap and lift themselves slightly relieving the pressure of hanging.

Personal rescue devices

We are official suppliers of the Latchways PRD (Personal Rescue Device). This device is an integrated harness with a backpack-like “pod” on the back of the harness, which allows operators to control their own descent down to the ground. Personal rescue devices help put the safety back into the operators’ hands and reduce rescue time, preventing operators from having to remain suspended, waiting for assistance to arrive.

Professional Training for Proper Safety Use of Safety Equipment

All fall restraint systems—including soft goods and accessories—rely on knowledgeable operators to work safely and effectively. Eliminate the risks associated with falls and reduce equipment-related injuries with our fall safety training. Our knowledgeable team can train your team to use your specific hardware, lanyards, harnesses and other safety equipment, with a focus on your specific work application and overall compliance.

If your team requires training, turn to Advanced Industrial Solutions. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients and their work environments.

Rely on Advanced Industrial Solutions. We’re leading the way in fall safety equipment and training in North America.

Each of our products and solutions are hand-picked and developed to keep your workers safe.

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