Platforms and Mezzanines

At Advanced, we have an extensive range of platform and mezzanine solutions providing your operators unobstructed access while eliminating the potential for falls.  From quick-ship modular crossovers to custom engineered truck racks, we have the know-how to deliver world-class fall protection that exceeds expectations.

Our experienced team of design engineers can custom tailor a system that meets the demands of your specific industry and operation.  With virtually limitless configurations available, we ensure that you get the exact system required, providing maximum safety and productivity.

We are proud to offer the following leading brands:

  • FCP
  • Hemco
  • Benko Green
  • Erectastep
  • Saferack
  • Blue Water
  • Fabenco

Quick Ship Modular Platforms

If you need an access platform quickly, modular platforms are a fast solution that is easy to assemble, quick to ship, and they provide the safety you need without a long wait. This is an inexpensive solution because the design and construction are already taken care of.

Available in several pre-made configurations, choose what you need and we’ll ship your platform kit straight to your worksite. Modular platforms are a reliable solution for a range of applications.

Rail Car and Truck Loading Racks

The loading and unloading of chemicals, food products, or other goods and substances into railway cars or trucks requires a specific type of safety equipment rack for fall prevention. Loading comes with inherent risks, including vents and hatches all along railcar or truck’s roof.

Our rail car and truck loading platform systems, consisting of the platforms, gangways, guardrails, and gates, allow the operator to access the cars without the need to hook up to the platform with a lanyard or harness. These racks prevent the operator from ever falling in the first place.

Increase both throughput and safety by loading and unloading your railcars, trucks, and tankers with platforms sourced from Advanced Industrial Solutions.

Industrial Access Gangways

Get better, safer access with gangways. We have standard ramps, telescoping gangways (suited to worksites where the distance varies to the vehicle), and leveling staircases to choose from. Each gangway is available in a variety of installation configurations, such as fold down, pivoting and sliding, to ensure your vehicles have room to move around, and your team has space and safety support they need to do their work effectively.

If your team requires a customized gangway, we can assess your site or simply build a gangway to the exact length you need it.

Safety Gates

Sometimes chains just don’t do the trick. Safety swing gates are a far better alternative for platform entrance and exit openings. Our safety gates are spring-loaded and close automatically after anyone passes through the opening, ensuring that others in the area remain protected. Made from durable materials and available for a variety of opening sizes, gates can protect workers from falling off of mezzanines, ladders and loading racks, or from inadvertently tripping into hatch openings and other access points.

Gates also have the added value of indicating when workers are entering and exiting safe walking areas, adding another layer of awareness on the job site and meeting OSHA compliance standards at the same time.

Professional Safety Training for Platform and Mezzanine Use

Reduce injuries to proper fall safety training. All fall restraint systems rely on knowledgeable operators to be as safe and effective as possible. If your team requires training to use their new platform or mezzanine system, turn to Advanced Industrial Solutions for a full-service safety training program. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients and their work environments.

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