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At Advanced, safety is at the heart of everything we do.  It shows through in our people and in our culture.  We don’t stop at simply supplying safety equipment, we also design, install, inspect and hold professional fall safety training for clients across the United States and abroad.

Fall safety is a dynamic and constantly changing industry.  We have a passion for keeping up with latest innovations and industry trends.  Our unrivaled experience and expertise enables us to provide solutions where others can’t.

Corporate Fall Safety Training

How do you keep up with the latest rules and regulations to ensure your workers are safe and compliant?

At Advanced, we believe that an educated worker is a safe worker.  We offer comprehensive fall protection training for both operators and managers alike providing your organization with the knowledge it needs to protect your workers from injury.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the fall protection industry, our skilled team of trainers offer best-in-class instruction by combining classroom training with a practical hands-on experience.

Whether you’d like to have your employees train directly with us, or train key managers who can pass knowledge onto all of your teams and employees—Advanced Fall Protection Training has the experience and know-how to help keep your workers safe at height.

We safety training programs and develop customized training programs that are specific to the worksite, available equipment, and working application.

We can host groups of up to 15 equipment operators or lead safety supervisors from your organization at our state-of-the-art fall safety training center in the heart of Irvine, California near the Irvine Spectrum, or conduct corporate training sessions on-site at your facility.


Virtual Fall Safety Training and E-learning

We also conduct general and customized industrial fall safety training online. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our online corporate safety training or to schedule your own custom training program.

Our virtual training is run by the same group of safety and fall protection experts—people who have been in the business for decades and have experience with a range of worksite applications and have been trained to work with safety equipment from each of the manufacturers we work with.

Design and Engineering

We supply fall safety equipment from a wide range of trusted manufacturers, but there are certain applications where standard sizes and off-the-shelf solutions won’t meet your needs. For those cases, we offer design and engineering services to turn your concepts into reality.

Our expert engineering team has the experience to ensure success on even the most challenging projects. Contact us for an assessment.

Turn-key Installation

We have a team of expert installers, who are factory trained on each of the brands that we carry. No matter which type of equipment you require for your worksite, our team is here to help set everything up. Our technicians are reliable, courteous, and professional. Call on the Advanced installation team to implement your new fall safety systems safely and efficiently.

Parts and Service

An important part of keeping your workers safe at all times is occasional repairs and preventative maintenance. Our team is here to help keep your fall protection system equipment running as intended by the manufacturer.

If you notice something looks out of order or would like a routine inspection, don’t hesitate to get in contact. Regardless of the work application or type of equipment, you’re using one site, Advanced has you covered.

Inspection and Certification

Keep up with compliance with our inspection, certification and re-certification services. Our factory-trained inspectors know how to diagnose potential issues before they become more serious. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your workers are using equipment that will do its job when called upon.

If your team requires custom equipment, inspection, certification, training or other fall safety services, turn to Advanced Industrial Solutions. We believe in growing and supporting a culture of safety for our clients.

Advanced Industrial Solutions is leading the way in fall safety equipment and training in California and all across North America. Contact us to learn more about our history of work in fall protection and safety training.

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